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BEEP DOCTORS - Bringing skilled emergency doctors to the scene of the accident for over 25 years

Beep (BASICS) Cumbria is a charity, which brings emergency medical care to the patient. Whether that is on the roadside at the scene of a road traffic accident or in your home during a life-threatening emergency, our team of volunteer doctors are on call 24 hours 7 days a week to provide enhanced clinical care in medical emergencies.

During 2020 our team of dedicated doctors attended a total of 203 emergency callouts across Cumbria, from as far north as Longtown, to Egremont in the west, Millom in the south and up to Nenthead in the east.

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Providing care and intervention previously only available once patient reaches hospital

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Not funded by the NHS, BEEP (BASICS) Cumbria is run by volunteers and an unpaid team of BEEP Doctors

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By donating or volunteering, your support helps to save lives in our local community

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Why do we need BEEP Doctors?

Paramedics are very well trained and able to deal with the vast majority of emergencies that they are called to; however, the BEEP Doctors have specialist training in enhanced pre-hospital emergency care and provide an extra level of medical intervention not normally available until the patient reaches hospital. This stabilises the patient much sooner than would otherwise be the case and therefore improves their chances of a better long-term outcome.

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Serving the people of Cumbria

Our team of sixteen doctors now cover the whole of Cumbria from Workington in the west, up to the Scottish Borders and down to Kendal in the south. The BEEP Doctors attend most major incidents in the county, including road traffic collisions, farming accidents or other life-threatening medical emergencies. Over the years, the team have saved numerous lives and have become an integral part of the emergency services.

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Callouts in 2020

As we begin a new year, we always look back and analyse the previous twelve months. During 2020 our team of dedicated Doctors attended a total of 203 emergency callouts. These ranged across the width and breadth of our county. The BEEP Doctors were on hand to assist the paramedics at the scene and offer… Read more »